Art Workshops:

Kathryn’s workshop, can be done with one group while John
does a drumming workshop with another group of students or
independently.  This activity works well with in the school


I discuss who I am and why I do this work, with the objective
of achieving an understanding of other cultures and
promoting respect, even though we are not all native people.  
I use petroglyphs and pictographs from around North America
as examples in this workshop.

  •    Before there was writing most peoples around the
    world used some sort of pictographs to leave messages
    and these were often forms of art.  I will talk about the
    aborigines in Australia.

  •    As simple as a hand print.  What would a hand print
    stand for?  What would they be trying to say by many
    hand prints?

  •  SYMBOLISM.  Brainstorm a list of animals and what
    they might represent.

  •   Show some examples of rock art.  Talk about what
    they might mean.  Talk about the idea of telling stories
    with pictures.  

  •   Break into groups of two or three and give out sheet
    with symbols.

  •   Try to get them to interpret a picture as a group.

  •   Show some examples of modern aboriginal paintings -
    ask them what they think is going on in the picture.

  •   Point their attention to the seven teachings and how
    they are symbolic.

  •  They make their own picture and share with the class.
Custom workshops based on different Canadian Aboriginal history.
A history and
through pictograph
and petroglyphs.