Drum Maintenance:

Dry your drum slowly by leaning it against a wall out of
direct sunlight.

Keep your drum wrapped in cloth and in a cloth bag or
hang it on a wall out of direct sunlight.

Since your drum is make from rawhide (no chemicals) it
will absorb the moisture from the air and go flat. To tune
your drum hold it over a heat source, no closer than is
comfortable to your hands. Turn it over and do both sides.
Initially the hide will expand and sound worse, but then it
will contract. Tap it with the beater and heat until it
sounds the way you like it. You can put a very thin layer
of natural oil such as lanolin or Shea butter on the inside
of the drum. Wipe off any excess.

If your drum will not tighten up by heating fill with about
an inch of water, leave it to soak for two hours, drain and
lean it against a wall to dry again.

Happy drumming, John and Kathryn
Custom workshops based on different Canadian Aboriginal history.